The 3 Tier Reality of Funding for CMATM

We are excited about your Deal. Our philosophy is if anyone will fund your deal, then CMATM wants to be the one to fund your deal . . . and in a world of perfect information, most deals are fundable. We believe with the technology and relationships we have in place, we have a good shot at making it happen.

CMATM’s 3 Tier Financing Structure:

Tier 1 – Immediate Funding. There are some deals, not many, but some, that have an immediate funding source. This is what we all want. It is quick, does not require any upfront expense on your part, and is relatively fast to arrange. We encourage you to visit with us so we can share with you our funding source sweetspots in the hopes that your deal falls into Tier 1.

Tier 2 – Longer Funding Horizon, due diligence funded. Most deals take time. They require from us a well written Executive Summary, which our funding sources have shared with us on how they like to see them. CMATM’s philosophy in presenting a deal is to use a very specific proforma template that our funding sources are used to so our funding sources are not initially bewildered in trying to figure out our client’s home grown way of presenting the financial prospects of their deal. Finally, some deals, require ‘full – on’ business plans in order to present well. All three of these the CMA Team prepares. We need a due diligence fee for Tier 2 opportunities.

Tier 3 – Longer Funding Horizon, due diligence not funded. Same as Tier 2 but no due diligence funding from our client. While we will work on these deals, it is important for our clients to realize that we have several Tier 1 Immediate Funding deals and many Tier 2 deals we are working on. We take Tier 3 deals on in the hopes they can become Tier 1 deals, or we eventually find a funding source interested in the deal, or to fill in our time after we have done all we can during the day on Tier 1 and Tier 2, or in the hopes that our client can make them Tier 2 deals at some point in order to get our immediate attention.