The CMA “A” Team approach to facilitating transactions, managing teams, and providing consulting on how to structure the best possible financial arrangement for an opportunity has ideas whose basic common sense premise solves some age old problems. With better talent becoming more and more available to lend itself to ad hoc participation on deal centric opportunities, the CMA Team seeks to provide structures to employ the best and most appropriate talent on consummating financial transactions.

The team approach to solving problems in business is nothing new. Many subsets in several business industries currently enjoy the dynamic of specialists coming together to work on a specific job for a time and when completed, assessing who your best joint strategic partners are, scoping opportunities around the most favorable specialists, and realigning oneself around the best possible co-workers for the next opportunity. Building trade sub-contractors, film production crews, and consulting specialists throughout the world have enjoyed a loose affiliation with one another kept together by the mutual respect of complimentary expertise and jobs well done. Successful long-term relationships in this space are centered around honesty, loyalty, and mutual respect for complimentary skills.

CMATM seeks to employ the same dynamic over a specific set of problems which have arisen among deal structuring professionals. The CMA Team seeks to organize deal centric "A" Teams perfectly equipped to address the following problems in getting deals done with the following solutions:

1 . In an effort to promote opportunities to funding sources which might not be a good fit for the money in question, some deal specialists tend to mislead funding sources on salient negatives of an opportunity in order to get the investor initially committed to a deal. As the thought goes, once the investment source is “in the deal” then “the hair” of the deal can be exposed to the investor gradually with a much higher likelihood the investment source will stay in the deal because of their time invested. This practice is inefficient and unethical and fraught with these brokers constantly having to develop new investor contacts who have not yet been 'touched' by their questionable practices. Solution: Develop warm contacts with a myriad of differently focused funding sources, categorize and catalog funding source sweet spots through big data processing and warm interaction, and employ matching algorithms to present to funding sources their ‘ideal’ investments. This while seeing your ability grow dramatically by developing reputations of not forcing square pegs into round holes. This has had for the CMATM a dramatic positive effect of establishing brand loyalty among funding sources. We open up, this, our detailed game plan to team members to broaden our capacity.

2. Reward strategic partners with pre-determined ‘positions’ in the deal contingent on their successful work. There are several slots in consummating a deal. Referrals, working the deal, execution of exclusives and retainers, matching funding sources with the opportunity, and closing the deal are but some of the ways those with high expertise can position themselves in a transaction and receive commensurate compensation for their successful efforts. There is also possible asset management and asset disposition waiting in the wings. Bringing to bear good technology in fastidious record keeping and clear communication where a professional stands within a deal at all times makes participation of the true professional enjoyable. Management of expectations is not hard when successful execution of our business plan not only creates brand loyalty with funding sources, but also among participating team members.

3. Understanding that every opportunity which is fundable, no matter how spurious the opportunity may be, has perhaps an innovative critical path to funding success. Determination that the deal is fundable, categorizing the deal sweet spot, using technology to determine the matching funding source, using broker meshes and customer triangles to develop warm contacts with the fund, and making the pitch succinctly and timely is a winning equation that relies less on luck and more on statistics and hard work.

4. There are many other advantages we employ and we look forward to dialoging with you to explain our approach. We would like to entertain giving you a position on one of our teams. And if you are a funding source, show how your capital can grow vis-a-vis our investment philosophy (see link below). We do all this to help further hone our craft of placing investment capital into the highest and best use.

Our Investment Philosophy
CMATM's 3 Tier Funding Priority System
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