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The CMA-Team was formed by Charles Anglin to provide investment funds and capital structures with no legacy investments or fragmented teams. As President of the CMA Team, Charles manages direct teams of highly experienced professionals for projects and financial structures. Mr. Anglin was Director of Structured Finance for Lone Star Companies of Dallas, and brings a diversified background and thirty-five years experience in commercial real estate to this division that focuses on investment properties. His extensive range of understanding in site selection, development, property management, and disposition gives him a superior perspective on real estate investment operations and structures. Mr. Anglin's impressive career includes being a partner at Rainier Capital Management where he developed the asset management division into a diversified real estate portfolio of mixed-use properties, surgery centers, retail, and office buildings. Prior to that, he was a CFO of Midland Red Oak Realty where he provided the exit strategy for assets in a Lehman Brothers Holding and structured the securitized loan facility of fifteen properties in three states. Furthermore, Mr. Anglin was the Chief of Contracting and Contract Compliance at the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, where he provided work-out solutions for over four billion dollars of problem real estate loans and led the design group to form the Resolution Trust Corporation, Standard Asset Management program. Mr. Anglin began his career on a merger and acquisitions team at Tipperary Oil Company and Wagner and Brown. Mr. Anglin holds a B.B.A in Accounting from Abilene Christian University.

The CMA-Team was formed by Paul Lufkin to provide financial capital, debt, and/or management to companies through comprehensive and cost-effective due diligence. As the Chief Operating Officer of the CMA Team, Mr. Lufkin manages the day to day activities of our A-Team of professionals. Paul has been a licensed Certified Public Accountant in the state of Oklahoma and was also the owner and creator of the largest water purification company on the internet - the Good Water Company (sold to Aladdin Middle East - an Oil Exploration Company in Wichita Kansas in 1999). He brings a wealth of knowledge in diversified entrepreneurial pursuits from a chief executive's as well as from a chief financial officer's perspective. In addition to being the owner and CEO of a major company in the dot.com era, Mr. Lufkin has served as a controller and/or CFO for five different companies during his thirty-four year career. Paul excels at discerning, mobilizing resources, and executing on critical information to support the successful execution of a business plan. Paul also has a penchant for technology and has extensive personal programming experience in VBA. Paul leads our technology lending and investing efforts as well as our back office solutions for our clients. Mr. Lufkin was the Special Projects Coordinator and the direct report to the division head of an 80 person strong ORE Division (FDIC contractor - Recoll Management) which liquidated $700 million dollars in real estate in the Boston Mass and surrounding area in the mid 1990's. Paul developed the entire database system which met the FDIC requirements for ORE reporting administrated solely within the ORE Division. Paul more recently has been associated with a firm of ex CFO's (Crestview Advisors) which specialize in readying a companies' IT back office and financial statements for a sale. Prior to that, he was controller and CFO of a luxury home builder and a premium import company in the 1980's and 1990's. Mr. Lufkin began his career working in public accounting with Stover, Fischer, Gray, and Moore in Norman Oklahoma after graduation. Mr. Lufkin holds a B.A. in Public Administration from Oklahoma University with a heavy emphasis in Accounting. He is happily married with 5 children.

One of our CMA Partners, Bill for the last 17 years has been with financial leadership/consultancy firms, working at the "C" level for public and private client companies (Crestview [founder], BlackBriar, Tatum-12 yrs). Client engagements spanned up to 5 years in length in the CFO seat, with broad responsibilities in both growth and distressed company environments across numerous industries, frequently involving business M&A transactions and capital formation. Have served Court-appointed Trustee in two Ch. 11 cases, Disbursing Agent for complex Ch.11 case, consultant to two public Cos. in Ch. 11 proceedings and to bankruptcy counsel in numerous other cases; expert witness in bankruptcy, civil and criminal cases. Earlier career included CFO for 2 public O&G companies (National Energy Grp, Comstock Res.), founder/Managing Partner of CPA firm in Midland, controller at multiple energy, oilfield service, and manufacturing Cos. Licensed as CPA (Texas); have met requirements for certification as turnaround professional (CTP); B.B.A. in accounting from University of Central Arkansas.


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